Journey to Surrealville: What's really fueling Pelosi's shutdown of America's relief package?

After days of unusual comity between Republicans and Democrats in the coronavirus crisis, the big congressional economic aid package to help hospitals, laid off workers, and battered small businesses all came crashing down as Nancy Pelosi jetted in from vacation, blocking the set-to-go bill over the weekend.  In place of that, she came up with a 1,400-nightmare political goody bag for the left — everything from ballot-harvesting to corporate diversity requirements to greenie airline regulations to a $15 minimum wage and a lot of other horrors — attempting to slip through the entire panoply of laws her party wants to enact but can't get passed.

It was Pelosi's and other Democrats' doing, all right — just look at how the New York Times changed its headline sequence, first putting out the facts about Democrat road-blocking, then, likely after some Pelosian phone calls, softening the blame, and then declaring the whole thing a bipartisan morass.  Yeah, sure. 

It's an outrage.  It's a mistake.  It's likely to get them thrown out for good from both the House and Senate come November.  As Roger Simon noted in his excellent piece, they're using a pandemic for political aims, suggesting they have no limits on how far they'll go to use any crisis for political gains.  They'd do the same in a nuclear attack, he points out, because they are that far gone.  Christopher Bedford at the Federalist has an excellent piece, too.

Not surprisingly, Twitter hashtags such as #PelosiHatesAmericans and #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica are leading trends on Twitter.  It's a sign that this is going to leave a mark on Democrats and isn't going down well.  Nurses need some decent masks right now.  Coronavirus patients need ventilators.  Small businesses need a lifeline.  Airlines and cruise ships need a lifeline, and yes, they are big corporations...that hire hundreds of thousands of workers.  American workers have seen $1,200 checks dangled in front of them...and are now seeing them pulled away from them like Lucy's football.

Not a biggie to Nancy Pelosi, who, after all, has called thousand-dollar checks to workers "crumbs."

This brings us to the real question here, which is, what are they thinking?  How could they treat lifeline aid during a massive crisis that has shut down the economy of the entire country as such a political football?  How could they betray the blue-state governors whom President Trump is working so well with — California's Gov. Gavin Newsom, New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Washington's Gov. Jay Inslee — three lefti-est of lefties — who have nothing but praise these days for President Trump?  How could they betray Democratic moneybags financing sources such as Google and Facebook and even Walmart, which have done so much good as their part of the collective effort?

A look at Christine Pelosi's Twitter feed offers some clues — and she's not a bad proxy to use, given her closeness to House speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as her work as a Democrat political strategist.

Christine, who is Pelosi's daughter, is the charmer who got her name in the news yesterday for cheering the violent criminal who assaulted Sen. Rand Paul, breaking five of his ribs and forcing doctors to remove part of his lung, as "right."  Her sadistic cheer came after news that the Kentucky Republican had been diagnosed with the coronavirus, which will undoubtedly be a tough ordeal for him, given his injuries.  It was the tweet of an utterly vile soul.

What are Christine's talking points on halting the coronavirus help package that seem to be driving the mind of Pelosi?  Start with her pinned tweet:

Moscow Mitch's slush fund?  There's no slush fund; everything here is pinned to specific items, such as checks for workers, and masks and gowns for hospitals.  Slush funds were what were used to reward Democrat groups such as ACORN during the 2009 stimulus package.  We have quite a bit of projecting going on here, for starters. 

More important, take a look at that Moscow Mitch designator — something McConnell reportedly does not like, so she uses it.  There's no bipartisan spirit there to start, not even any hope of it with this kind of talk, just a desire for political slugfesting.  More important, the Moscow Mitch thing is a reference to the Democrats' continuous hobbyhorse: finding some way to overturn the results of the 2016 election.  This is pure partisanship at its most disgusting, business as usual for the rabid and embittered Democrats.

There is also a reference to 'terminating health care' as if denying hospitals the masks and gowns they need so that ballot-harvesting can be forced onto unwilling states nationwide, involves Republicans denying health care. This is projecting, cubed. Democrats are the ones who are denying health care - quite literally, to all those dying of coronavirus infections and endangering the health care workers who desperately need protective supplies and equipment. This is surreal taken to new heights. They are yelling about the Affordable Care Act, which at this juncture, is irrelevant and hardly the key to helping those who need paychecks now.

That's just one tweet, here are a couple of others that establish the talking point pattern:

Families first?  Since when have Democrats cared in the least about families?  They've got a Planned Parenthood bailout attached to their goody-bag bill, which is about as anti-family as it gets.  They favor cutting out parental permissions for abortions or "sex change" surgery on children — again, anti-family.  They have that "family" narrative on allowing unvetted illegals bringing in children to walk freely about the country — but open borders don't work well in the age of the coronavirus.

Here's another:

Worker help? There is no worker help in halting the relief to workers worked out right now from the weekend. Most workers can see those $1,200 checks pulled away from them before their eyes. Note also the huff-and-puff hashtag about not messing with Nancy, too, trying to tell us all she's so powerful, something that's sure to impress laid off workers just told there would be no checks.

And this:

She also has several with old tropes about giant corporations and corporate bailouts. This meshes with the theme that evil big business (which donates overwhelmingly to Democrats, but nevermind) is getting too much money. Does it occur to her that businesses are big because they employ a lot of little guys? And those little guys are the ones with the jobs on the lines? Imagine being a flight attendant or cruise ship purser and reading all about the awfulness of bailing out your company, after your company has pretty well been asked to shut down? There's a crazy disconnect borne of class warfare, leftist talking points about corporations, and an inability to see that corporation employ workers, whose jobs are on the line. Why would a corporation continue to employ a purser if its ships can't sail? That's what these loans — not bailout — are really about.

It's a journey into the surreal. Yet it's valuable to know what talking points they are pushing, given the pliance of the mainstream media and groups such as JournoList which repeat talking points in unison. This is the freak show coming at us, and it's beyond disgusting.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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