Is Joe Biden nothing more than a Trump alternative?

For some time now, conservatives have been pointing out that, at minimum, Joe Biden is not a very exciting candidate.  One journalist, though, has written an opinion piece for The Atlantic saying that whether Joe inspires voters or not is entirely irrelevant.  It's enough that he is "not Trump." From the beginning of the 2020 election campaign, conservatives and Bernie-supporters have found it easy to point to problems with Joe Biden.  There is the plagiarism problem that dogged him in the 1988 election.  That problem has resurfaced in 2020, because Biden, to appear relevant during the coronavirus crisis, is plagiarizing Donald Trump's actions. Then there's Joe Biden's problem with women and little girls.  While the official Democrat establishment keeps giving him a pass, ordinary people can't help noticing how Biden can't keep his hands off...(Read Full Post)
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