Joe Biden comes out of his hole, gaffes his way through MSNBC puffball interview

Even in the easiest of circumstances, such as a fawning softball interview from MSNBC, Joe Biden is staying a mess.

Here's the New York Post staff report on his extended trail of blunders now that he's come out of his bolthole after a long extended absence, beginning with this:

"I suggested we should have people in China at the outset of this event, when it all started, in Luhan Province," Biden told the network, meaning to refer to the city of Wuhan, in Hubei Province, where the virus originated.

So after all this time, he doesn't know that Wuhan is a city in China?  No Mister Foreign Policy here, as he plays on TV?  And he thinks it's Luhan, and calls it a province?  This is a guy who doesn't read much news and is remarkably ignorant of basic world affairs even the seven-year-olds he likes to swim with would know about.  You wouldn't make that kind of mistake if you were engaged in the issue.  It's pretty obvious Joe is not.

But wait, as Billy Dale says, there's more:

The Democratic front-runner went on to claim that the Trump administration withdrew CDC staffers in the months leading up to the virus outbreak, likely stemming from a Reuters report from last week claiming that the administration slashed CDC staff in China.

"We had people in our administration, we had CDC people in other countries because we wanted to anticipate when in fact another virus would occur, when in fact a pandemic might occur as a consequence of a spreading virus in another country, to act quickly. The president withdrew those people," Biden said.

The problem, however, is that regardless of staffing cuts, the CDC began offering to send a team of experts to the Chinese province back in early January, according to the New York Times.

Other than the general garble of the statement, this is less gaffe than lie.  Apparently, he managed to twist China's refusal to let CDC medical experts into China into Trump pulling out the medical experts.  That's a sleazy, shady way of twisting just enough truth to remodel it into a lie, which is what he's doing here.  Sound like a guy who can be trusted?

The Post names three more gaffes, mostly stupid stuff about his not knowing the name of a well known drugstore chain — more of that out of touch evidence, which is rather remarkable.  Most people who don't know the name of Wuhan city in central China would probably know the name of the local drugstore, such as CVS.  Plenty of foreign policy eggheads probably wouldn't.  Joe doesn't know, either, signaling that he's simply a complete boob.

There's more.  Read the whole thing here.

Image credit: MSNBC YouTube screen shot.

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