Iran's mullahs are purposely forcing political prisoners into coronavirus-plagued cells, rights activists charge

The coronavirus and its mismanagement by the Iranian regime are victimizing more and more people every day. According to reports posted by Iranian opposition, more than 3,300 people have lost their lives to the virus so far, second only to China.  The situation of the prisons and prisoners in Iran is deplorably catastrophic, and Tehran officials continue to close their eyes and ignore the tragedy about to happen. Prisons in Iran already are overcrowded and at maximum capacity, which is the perfect condition for the spread of disease. These prisons are also devoid of many amenities, including basic sanitation, warm water, disinfectants, proper prisoner allocations, and ventilation.  If even one prisoner carries the virus, an irreparable catastrophe is going to happen, and the news coming out of prisons is indicative that such a tragedy is taking place right now. In a letter to the regime's judiciary, the families of several political...(Read Full Post)
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