Ingredients of COVID-19 mega-disaster brewing in Syria as Erdogan threatens to push Syrian refugees into Europe

You could not concoct a worse scenario for a pandemic catastrophe than what is unfolding Syria.  Start with a regime that depends on troops sent from Iran, where satellites detect trenches being bulldozed for bodies felled by the plague of COVID-19.  Add the bombing of hospitals by that same regime and secretiveness to the point of punishing doctors who speak out about the coronavirus.  Then consider millions of refugees living in close quarters in camps and others fleeing their chaotic and impoverished homeland into Turkey, whose leader wants to send them into Europe. Snowy Syrian refugee camp near Turkey border last December. (YouTube screen grab.) Joel Gehrke reports in The Examiner that MedGlobal founder Zaher Sahloul, whose organization provides aid to refugees, believes that at least 2,400 cases are being hidden by the regime, and: "Their thinking within the regime is that, if they volunteer this information, then that...(Read Full Post)
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