In a time of crisis, CNN turns to a real expert in crisis management: Sean Penn

Sean Penn has always been an odd bird. He’s a very talented actor who, in common with Hollywood’s other leftists,  has an affinity for dictators. No one should forget how he cuddled up to Hugo Chavez, the dictator who set Venezuela on its socialist path. However, to his credit, after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Penn did rouse himself to help with the relief effort and seems to have made a difference. Haiti aside, Penn is not a very serious or even a very coherent person. Nevertheless, as part of its town hall on coronavirus, which Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta hosted, CNN invited Sean Penn to talk about how the federal government should handle the virus. The preceding sentence is not from The Babylon Bee. It’s the truth. Penn is now a pandemic expert. If you go to CNN’s website, you can see the segment in which Penn speaks fondly of the aide the military provided, and he deserves credit for showing respect to our military. If you don’t...(Read Full Post)
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