Hospitals, leftists prioritize abortion over other surgeries in coronavirus epidemic

Thousands of restaurant and bar servers were abruptly unemployed Sunday night, March 15, 2020, and other business closed their doors immediately under orders from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH).  But there is one group of people who have job security and are still working instead of applying for unemployment.

"Our doors are open" is the message when calling abortion facilities (Planned Parenthood) in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  Those people all continue to work and get paid.  While hospitals have canceled non-essential surgeries, abortions apparently don't fall under that category.  Planned Parenthood's motto should be "Let no child stay alive."

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) sent out the following:

As state and municipalities exact measures to slow the spread of COVID-19, more non-essential businesses will be instructed — or required — to close. At the same time, hospitals are preparing for a surge in COVID-19 cases and increased strain on their staff, resources, and systems, and will likely begin indefinite postponing non-essential or elective procedures.  During this public health crisis, pregnancy care, including abortion care, remains an essential health service.  The NAF calls on leaders to ensure that outpatient abortion clinics can remain open and urges hospitals to continue to provide abortion care.

While schools and churches have been shuttered and longed-for graduation ceremonies have been canceled, apparently it is okay to congregate at an abortion facility or use limited hospital resources.  Planned Parenthood phone messages comfort the caller by adding that the abortionists are working with the CDC and the ODH to ensure the safety of their patients and that the chance of catching the coronovirus remains low.  "Leave a message to make an appointment."

While Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, tried to pad a bill infusing more money into abortions, a bill that was designed to help fight the Chinese Virus, as President Trump calls it, her efforts failed.

Massachusetts hospitals are forbidden from performing non-essential procedures, but the abortions continue.  A state agency memorandum opines: "Terminating a pregnancy is not considered a nonessential, elective invasive procedure for the purpose of guidance.  However, the ultimate decision is based on clinical judgment by the caring physician."

President Mark Harrington of Created Equal, a pro-life organization, said: "Clearly, the abortion industry will not 'allow this crisis to go to waste.'"

Hundreds of thousands of people across the country are now unemployed and worried about paying the rent or buying food, but the government keeps the abortion industry workers employed doing the essential work of the killing of babies. 

Susan Daniels has been an Ohio-licensed private investigator for twenty-seven years.  She uncovered Barack Obama's phony social security number in 2009.

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