Having won his first primary ever, can Joe Biden win the White House?

On this, his third presidential campaign, Joe Biden has finally won a primary. After Bernie swept the first three primaries, South Carolina came through for Biden, an old-school Democrat candidate (unlike either the new-style progressive Democrat candidates or the old Marxist, Bernie Sanders). At this point, things get interesting. There are three of the top possibilities:

1. The Sanders juggernaut resumes on Super Tuesday, sweeping aside Biden’s South Carolina win.

2. Sanders no longer looks unstoppable, breathing life into the “anybody but that Crazy Marxist” movement and pushing Biden to the forefront as the safest candidate.

3. Democrats look at the choice of Biden and Bernie and decide to allow themselves to be bought by Bloomberg through a brokered convention.

This post is about possibility No. 2 and why Democrats might find Biden as worrisome a candidate as they do Bernie: Biden is corrupt, Biden is stupid, and Biden may be in the early stages of dementia.

Corruption: The Democrats thought they were being awfully clever when they went after Trump because a Deep Stater disagreed with Trump’s foreign policy vis-à-vis Ukraine. However, all that the impeachment ultimately did was focus attention on the way in which Biden’s political career has enriched his family to an extraordinary degree. Trump will make mincemeat out of Biden over this corruption.

Stupidity: Biden has an impressive track record of being wrong about everything. This has a lot to do with the fact that he has no fixed principles, so he blows with the wind. Sometimes history illuminates his errors and sometimes his own party has moved on and turned against him.

From the party perspective, Biden got it wrong when

  • he voted for the Iraq war,
  • he opposed busing,
  • he developed the 1994 crime bill (which supports capital punishment and which led to rates of incarceration that progressives oppose),
  • he fought against sanctuary cities,
  • he spearheaded the 1980s war on drugs that feel disproportionately on blacks,
  • he supports voluntary prayer in school,
  • he supported building a wall along America’s southern border,
  • he opposed gays in the military,
  • he opposed gay marriage

From the general “good of America” perspective, he got it wrong when

  • he opposed school vouchers,
  • he became a fervent climate change advocate,
  • he bought into gun control,
  • he made being pro-abortion a litmus test for Supreme Court justices.

The list could go on and on. While at this point Joe will say anything to get elected, he’s got a long enough record to offend everybody, especially the modern Democrat base.

Moreover, Joe seems to be going out of his way to offend ordinary Americans. George H.W. Bush lost the White House in part because of Ross Perot siphoning votes away from him and in part because voters never forgave him for reneging on his “no new taxes” promises. Biden is opting for a different campaign strategy: He’s promising to impose new taxes on everyone, no matter how much it hurts:

At the most recent debate in South Carolina, Biden was aggressive in his hostility to the Second Amendment:

And that video leads directly to the third problem with Biden as a party standard-bearer. . . .

Dementia? Yes, you heard the video correctly. Biden stated that 150 million Americans (more than half the total American population) died from guns since 2007.

The problem with Biden is that a stupid statement can’t just be treated as misspeaking of the kind that’s going to happen to anyone who is always in the public eye. The man is deeply and continuously confused:

Again, not only will Trump make mincemeat of a mind this confused, but it’s a dead certainty that Biden’s gaffes, lies, and mistakes will escalate as pressure intensifies in the months and days leading to the election. Joe Biden will be every bit as disastrous a candidate as Bernie.

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