Gross: CNN correspondents covering Katie Hill went partying with her later

Throuples enthusiast Katie Hill is not without party pals, even after word got out about how she likes to party.

According to RedState (Hat tip: Instapundit):

CNN's Brian Stelter and Olivier Darcy reportedly partied with disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill recently. This comes on the heels of Stelter giving a sympathetic interview to Hill in which he tried to spin her self-imposed scandal as a "right-wing" attack.

This is pretty bad, coming as it did on the heels of Hill's ignominious exit from Congress.  Hill resigned after less than a term in office under a cloud for diddling the interns. 

CNN first went out of its way to give Hill positive news coverage for that self-inflicted failure, and after that, two of its most pompous asses decided afterward to party with her — in a pretty obvious conflict of interest.  That comes on top of Hill reportedly dating a new journalist-boyfriend, Alex Thomas of Playboy, who also spun her nothing but positive coverage.

So much for reporting the news free of fear or favor.  These characters dived right in with zero regard for conflict of interest.  They treated news of Hill's propensity to party naked, bong in hand, and engage in throuples (the biggest thing this non-entity will be remembered for) as an invitation, an affirmation of all they like, an advertisement to jump in.  There was nothing to gain for them by doing this — they could have refrained and found some different people to party with — but with tattoos, bongs, and interns' hair to stroke on offer and Hill certainly not worried about any new consequences, what's not to like?  What disgusted us about her behavior was an advertisement to them.

One wonders what kind of gross pictures now must be out there of them all.  Even if they weren't journalists, partying with Hill, given the kinds of pictures that came out in her scandal, would be gross enough to keep normals away.  Just not them.

Any questions as to why the public doesn't trust the media?

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