Gotcha: Ex-NYT hack gleefully tweets about Dow falling as Trump speaks, then quietly deletes tweet as market starts to soar

Maybe he should have waited until all the facts were in.

An ex–New York Times reporter beclowned himself Friday by gleefully tweeting about markets falling as President Trump began his coronavirus address Friday...and then quietly deleted his tweet as markets, unexpectedly (to him), started to soar:

The geniuses at Ace of Spades chronicled the whole clown show, noting that Roberts, who's still got his blue check, replaced the tweet with another tweet begrudgingly claiming that Trump was throwing bones at the business community, being anti-people and pro–giant corporations, or something.  He also retweeted an item from far-left extremist Chris Hayes describing the market rise as "an attempt to pump up stocks of big [A]merican companies."  Suffice to say, we get the flavor of how he feels about commerce.

What we see here is a leftist in the press trying to have it both ways.  If the stock market goes down when Trump speaks, reason enough to celebrate in itself.  If it goes up, Trump's succoring evil big business.

Trump can't win, it seems, or rather, Trump-haters out themselves by criticizing everything he does, no matter how good it is.  Actually, especially if it's good.

We see this a lot with leftists, who love to delete their tweets. 

Twitter's forever, rabid Trump-haters.

And such people have been wrong again and again and again.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot, via Ace of Spades.

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