GOP must not cave on perverse Democrat add-ins for coronavirus relief

Pelosi, Schumer, and Democrats are betraying America in her time of need.  After accusing Trump of "delaying," they are halting aid to Americans until the Congress agrees to all sorts of treacherous add-ons guaranteed to assist in a Democrat victory in 2020 and mandates that line the pockets of Democrat donors and constituents. Blackmail is evil.  A doctor called upon to help a patient during illness would be called evil if triple-charging as a condition for medicine.  The Democrats are holding the country hostage to demands they have been unable to achieve through their regular legislative process, since a majority of the American people are against these rip-offs, political machinations, and socialist programs.  The Democrats have become a force of immorality and of things unethical Their constant howling about being "for the people" is a masquerade for being only for what provides them power and lucrative...(Read Full Post)
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