For leftists during coronavirus time, every life but one matters

  In Democrat-run states or localities that have coronavirus-induced shutdowns, Democrats deem guns inessential, despite the Second Amendment's explicit recognition that people have an inherent right to bear arms.  At the same time, they deem abortion essential, even though it exists in the Constitution only if one is sophisticated enough to recognize the deeper meaning behind emanations and penumbras.  The opposite is true in Republican-run states that are starting to shut down.  There, the gun stores are open, but the abortionists are being shuttered. Before getting into the weeds on abortion during a coronavirus pandemic, we should all know that The New York Times editorial board has been at the forefront of demanding that Trump shut down the entire United States in order to save American lives (emphasis added): President Trump needs to call for a two-week shelter-in-place order, now, as part of a coherent...(Read Full Post)
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