Florida's vaunted 'making history' man, Andrew Gillum, gets caught with his pants down

In retrospect, Florida dodged a bullet.

Andrew Gillum, the corruption-tinged left-wing mayor of Tallahassee, who less than two years ago darn near got elected goveror of Florida, based on a glowing 'making history' press narrative, has been caught naked, in a hotel room with a gay "escort," barfing over a toilet, and too inchoate to answer questions from cops, who were called in to hose out a $220 a night Miami hotel room of meth baggies. The self-described porn star in the room had a profile on "Rent Men" and being that he was with Gillum and another guy, naked, was in what cops reportedly suspected was a orgy.  Someone knew about this stuff long before this became news. But somehow, it never made the press.

Here's the police report.

According to the Daily Mail:

According to the Miami Beach Police Department, officers were called out at 12:55am after reports of a guest suffering a cardiac arrest at the four-star Mondrian Hotel, where room costs upwards of $220 per night.

They arrived to find paramedics performing first aid on Dyson in the wake of 'a suspected drug overdose' and preparing to take him to the hospital.

Mejias - described in the report as 'the complainant' - told officers he had given his credit card details to Dyson on Thursday afternoon to rent a hotel room.

'Mr Mejias arrived at the hotel at approximately 23:07 hours where he discovered Travis Dyson and Andrew Gillum inside the room under the influence of an unknown substance,' the report states.

'Per Mr Mejias, Mr Dyson opened the hotel room door and immediately walked over to the bed and collapsed in a prone position. Mr Mejias observed Mr Gillum inside of the bathroom vomiting.

'Mr Mejias stated that he observed Mr Dyson having difficulty breathing, prompting him to wake him up. Mr Dyson then began vomiting on the bed and immediately collapsed again.

'Mr Mejias began conducting chest compressions on Mr Dyson and proceeded to contact police and fire rescue.'

'Officers then attempted to speak to Mr Gillum. Mr Gillum was unable to communicate with officers die to his inebriated state.'

This is beyond disgusting. Gillum says he was just back from a wedding after drinking a little too much and never took drugs.

The male escort who was rescued by the cops from the O.D in this throuple (yes, that word again), Travis Dyson, said he knew Gillum for "for a while" meaning, "last spring" signaling that this probably wasn't the first time the pair had been together. Drugs. Naked. Vomit. Male prostitutes. Double life. Someone knew, and didn't say anything.

The Miami Herald reports that cops cleared out three baggies full of what looked like meth, suggesting it was quite the party:

Although the contents of the bags in the hotel room have not yet been confirmed, crystal meth has made a resurgence in South Florida, particularly in Miami Beach, in recent years. The meth, police say, is high-grade product being made by Mexican cartels.

“It’s a very customer-rich environment, with all the different venues, events and parties for people to enjoy themselves,” a Miami Beach street-crimes captain told the Miami Herald in 2017. “Crystal meth will take the average party experience and magnify it tenfold.”

Which is too much information.

Not since Marion Barry got caught doing crack in a Washington D.C. hotel room, yelling 'bitch set me up!' or or one of Barney Frank's 'boyfriends' got caught hosting a male brothel inside the basement of his Boston house, has such a disgusting scandal involving leftists come to light.

What's happening here -- throupling, paid gay sex, drugs, is well at odds with Gillum's Mr. Churchgoer image presented earlier in the press, the narrative the press lapped up and promoted as they sought to call Gillum the new Barack Obama.

The kinky side life was probably been known in those circles and went unreported, covered up good as the press focused on praising Gillum for being "historic" as potentially Florida's first black governor. The gamy double life never made the light of day.

Look at the gooey coverage he garnered back before he got exposed as some kind of pervert in 2018.

Here's Vox:

Gillum, 39, is the mayor of Tallahassee. From the start of his candidacy, he ran on a progressive platform that includes Medicare-for-all and a $15 minimum wage, and was endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and progressive billionaire Tom Steyer.

Gillum already defied steep political odds during the August primary, beating presumed frontrunner Gwen Graham, a former member of Congress and the daughter of a former governor and senator; former Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine; and business executive Jeff Greene. He is now facing Trump-endorsed Republican Ron DeSantis in November’s general election, which forecasters have rated a toss-up.

It’s an exciting moment for progressive groups, but also for black Democrats in the South; next door, Stacey Abrams is the Democratic nominee in Georgia. If Abrams wins, she could be the nation’s first African-American woman governor.

 Here's the New York Times back in 2018, opening its gag-inducing puff piece with: "City Hall never did seem big enough for Andrew Gillum":

With his upset victory in the Democratic primary for governor in August, Mr. Gillum, 39, has continued on a glide path to the party’s upper reaches that began about a mile down the road, as a student government leader at Florida A&M University, before he was old enough to drink. He may be elected the first black governor of the nation’s largest swing state in November, as his race against former Representative Ron DeSantis, a Trump acolyte who just turned 40, emerges as a national proxy for the parties’ dueling futures.

Mr. Gillum’s admirers see in him a hybrid of Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama — an authentic progressive who supports higher corporate taxes and greater gun control, calls for the impeachment of President Trump and Medicare for all, and can inspire young and minority voters in a state that last elected a Democratic governor in 1994. 

There's also this, from a Washington Post columnist:

Gillum is one of the Democrats running who is viewed as a successor to former president Barack Obama’s legacy, and Obama’s visit Friday to Miami to campaign for Gillum seems to confirm that. A Gillum win would be a coup for Democrats in a state that went for Trump

This guy yelled 'racism' when he didn't win, and did what every disgraced Democrat does after a setback: Takes a commentary gig on CNN.

He remained a Democrat standard-bearer, though, taking up the cause of "voting rights" as if to suggest that his failure to win the office he wanted was all a matter of suppressing the black vote instead of his repellent socialist agenda and revolting personal life.

He was working on that last "narrative" last year and the media lapped it up.

According to the Miami Herald's 'Naked Politics' blog, here's what he said he was up to on March 8:

Gillum sent out an email to supporters saying he'll be in South Florida March 20. He didn't explain the reason for the occasion or the exact location, but alluded to statements he's made since his gubernatorial loss about continuing to make use of the organization that brought him to the brink of the governor's mansion.

"This fight is about the future of our state and our nation. I’m not going anywhere — and I know neither are you. We have to stand strong and speak out," he said.

Quite a guy to be your party's standard-bearer now that we know of his 'other life.' But with a pliant media that had to have known about the Gillum private life, one wonders why it was done. After all, he didn't even need to do 'double life' in this day and age, given that nowadays on the left, anything goes. But at the same time, this kind of kink isn't popular in the black community, and Gillum was explicitly touted in his puff pieces as the guy who could reel in the black vote.

With those kind of hopes coming from the Democrats, the media was always a pliant lapdog. Gillum kept doing what he was doing, then because it must have been pretty easy to think such acts would never be caught out. Now Gillum's supporters are undoubtedly disappointed.

Proud of yourselves, media lapdogs?

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