Flop Sweat: Democrats try to assure Bernie voters that Biden's practically the same

Bernie-ites are furious at how this whole election has been going. They were determined to see that this election, unlike the last one, in 2016,  not be rigged.

The sentiment intensified when they practically had the nomination in their hands, post-Iowa and post-New Hampshire just a couple weeks ago. Their victory dance was at hand. They almost had it. Then two days before Super Tuesday, all of a sudden, most Democratic rival candidates dropped out, nearly all at once, the better to consolidate behind jurassic old Joe Biden, who doesn't even know which state he's in. It had the look of rigging again, and this time in a different way. Democrats know seven ways to Sunday how to rig elections.

So now, via Weaselzippers, we are seeing things like this:

Asked about "how far Biden should go" in incorporating Sanders platform of Medicare for all, free education and a green new deal into the Biden platform, DNC chairman Tom Perez replied: 

"...one of the things that gives me great optimism as we move forward, is that what unites us as a party far exceeds what our differences are..."

Which is a not so unobvious bid to bring the scattering and demoralized Bernie voters into the Biden fold, same as the others. 

Which for sure signals desperation, given that so many Bernie-ites are now planning to either stay home or worse still, vote for Trump. Their internals must be atrocious for them to put on such a show. Sounds like flop sweat.

For the rest of us, though, it pretty well exposes as a canard the idea that Biden is "moderate" and Bernie is the 'extremist.' If the pair of them have the same ideas, all things being equal, why would any voter pick addled Joe over sentient Bernie? Joe's a guy they've practically put in a cone to keep him out of trouble. Everyone knows Joe's got a bunch of puppet-string pullers behind that curtain no one's supposed to pay attention to.

This is why it won't work.

But more to the point, if Bernie and Joe are indistinguishable, why shouldn't Trump go to town with it? It looks like they might be, given that a site called GOP War Room is onto the matter already, here. If Joe's ideas are as bad as Bernie's now, Trump has a ready made plan to run against socialism. No more Mister Moderation for them. 

No matter which way you pull this, Democrats can only lose.

Image credit: PBS / GOP War Room, via YouTube, screen shot


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