Fish tank cleaner couple's story gets weirder and weirder

As asked here yesterday, what normal person eats a fish-tank cleaner to avoid coronavirus?

Hmmm, perhaps a loving husband whose oh, so solicitous wife suggests it because President Donald J. Trump (R) highly recommends it.  At least that's what the grieving widow says, whose husband died from dining on the stuff while she daintily ingested a mere taste.   While the lefty media — i.e., 90% or so of the media — gleefully agreed with her that Trump was at fault, the remaining 10% of the media, plus the hundreds of thousands of silent deplorables, thought this explanation was fishy.  The fishiness began to stink to high Hillary hell upon the discovery that the couple was —surprise! — Democratic donors.  

Now the true rot sets in to this fishy story with a long, edifying series of tweets from  Techno Fog informing us that grieving widow — another not surprise! — had previously sought a divorce from said husband.  

Wait...there's more!  Grieving widow also has mental problems!  (Cue defense lawyers.  For the wife, not Trump.)  And...doctors and medications and blah, blah, blah to deal with this had left the loving couple problems. 

 Oh.  Hmmm.

Busy blaming Trump for not acting earlier on containing the Wuhan COVID-19 when they called him racist for stopping flights from China and not celebrating Chinese New Year in New York like that city's mayor, Bill de Blasio (D), the 90% of liberal media could not be reached for comment.

Hat tip.