Fauci squandered the time we gained by closing our border to China

Dr. Anthony Fauci may not be the best person to have President Trump's ear.  Among other things, the time we gained after Trump closed the border to China was squandered by the CDC.  ABC News reports: [A] former senior federal health official nominated to his post by President Trump, alleges that the delays in testing occurred because leaders at the Centers for Disease Control "lied" to the president, and to Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, about the center's ability to produce the kits. A couple of weeks ago, after the roll-out of testing kept stalling, Fauci admitted there was a "glitch" in the system.  "Glitch" seemed an understatement and a breezy way to describe what occurred in the face of the looming threat that landed on our shores. Later, the word "problem" was used to describe the massive failure of the CDC to deliver the goods in a timely fashion when...(Read Full Post)
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