Eyes wide shut about Feeler Joe and the Predator Party

In this era, when it seems every male Democrat is a sexual predator, a woman named Tara Reade tells about the time in 1993 when Joe Biden, alone with her in his office, pushed her against the wall and shoved his hand into her skirt and his finger into her.  She objected, and he said something like, "Come on, man, I thought you liked me." Being a good Democrat, the estimable Ms. Reade kept her mouth shut these 27 years.  But as others began telling similar stories about Biden misbehavior, she finally said something. This should never have happened, but it's hard to sympathize with Tara Reade.  She had her eyes wide shut.  Joe Biden's been a liar, exaggerator, big talker, and BSer forever.  He's been famous for 40 years for putting his hands all over women and little girls.  This woman chose not to see and, after Feeler Joe did what he did, chose not to talk about it.  Given the...(Read Full Post)
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