Elton John discovers that even coronavirus won't stop the pronoun wars

One of the constants in social media posts from or emails between conservatives is the hope that the coronavirus pandemic will knock the underpinnings from gender madness.  The reasoning behind this hope is that the "gender is a social construct" theory was the luxury of a safe, affluent society.  With people feeling insecure about both their physical safety and their economic security, "wokeness" will be exposed for the frivolous nonsense it really is and quickly recede. The problem with this hope is that it doesn't consider that wokeness is not always frivolous nonsense.  Indeed, it seldom is.  Instead, there are two primary drivers behind gender madness.  The first is a concerted effort to break down traditional Judeo-Christian Western civilization so it can be rebuilt from the ground up.  The second is genuine insanity emanating from those poor souls driven mad by people in that first...(Read Full Post)
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