Elton John discovers that even coronavirus won't stop the pronoun wars

One of the constants in social media posts from or emails between conservatives is the hope that the coronavirus pandemic will knock the underpinnings from gender madness.  The reasoning behind this hope is that the "gender is a social construct" theory was the luxury of a safe, affluent society.  With people feeling insecure about both their physical safety and their economic security, "wokeness" will be exposed for the frivolous nonsense it really is and quickly recede.

The problem with this hope is that it doesn't consider that wokeness is not always frivolous nonsense.  Indeed, it seldom is.  Instead, there are two primary drivers behind gender madness.  The first is a concerted effort to break down traditional Judeo-Christian Western civilization so it can be rebuilt from the ground up.  The second is genuine insanity emanating from those poor souls driven mad by people in that first category (the power-hungry woke activists).

Now, finally, we can explain how Elton John fits into all of this.  Sir Elton does not fall into either of the two gender war categories.  He's a nice 73-year-old, middle-class bloke from England who happens to be one of modern music's premier geniuses.  In his early years, he cultivated a flamboyant performance style that meant no one was surprised when he came out of the closet.

Sir Elton is a garden-variety, wealthy British leftist, but he also willingly performed at Rush Limbaugh's wedding.  When people got their knickers in a twist about that, David Furnish explained, "Life is about building bridges, not walls."  While we may not agree with Sir Elton on everything, he's a good guy and a great artist.

Right now, Sir Elton is taking incoming fire from the woke crowd.  His crime?  "Misgendering" Sam Smith, a male who no longer understands what's living in his underpants.  That's why Smith announced a year ago that he's an "it."  Oh, pardon me.  He's "non-binary," which is the politically correct term for a living being that's neither male nor female.

It all started Sunday, when Sir Elton hosted an hour-long "Living Room Concert for America," over iHeart, to help raise money for food banks and first responders working to fight the coronavirus.  (The concert raised over $1 million.)  This was a decent thing to do.  A lot of big names showed up for the Living Room Concert, including Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, the Backstreet Boys, and Tim McGraw.

Also appearing was Sam Smith, the artist formerly known as "he."  When introducing Smith, Sir Elton said, "Here, from his bedroom in his home in London, is my dear friend, Sam Smith."  To his credit, Smith did not take umbrage at that introduction, even though it failed to acknowledge his it-ness.

The woke twitterati, however, were surprised and outraged:

When you're on a power trip or you've been driven crazy by someone else's power trip, it turns out that nothing, even the world stopping in its tracks, is going to stop you.

By the way, here's Smith's performance.  It's not the kind of thing I like (if your preferred singer is Bing Crosby, you're not going to like Sam Smith), but kudos to him, both for singing for a good cause and for not getting his knickers in a twist when an éminence grise in the music world introduces him with such fondness:

(Apropos Sir Elton, one more thing: In February, a weeping Sir Elton was escorted off the stage when he was unable to finish a concert in Auckland, New Zealand.  He said he'd been diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  It would be interesting to run an antibody test on him and learn whether it was actually coronavirus.)

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