Elon Musk no hero when it comes to coronavirus

He did it again.  Just when it started to look as though the media had finally had enough of the South African billionaire, a new twist in the coronavirus response has brought Elon Musk back into the headlines.  After days of covering his reckless actions on Twitter, which included ignoring the government's emergency orders and encouraging his employees to do the same after one staffer tested positive, media outlets concluded that Elon Musk may, in fact, be a COVID-19 hero.  Why?  For following in a competing car manufacturer's footsteps by reluctantly offering to manufacture hospital ventilators. All of this "hero" coverage not only takes away from the real heroes in this ordeal, like medical staff, but also ignores a series of unjustifiable decisions from Musk and his associations. For example, while Musk tweeted that the coronavirus panic was dumb, his companies' affiliated industry...(Read Full Post)
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