Drew Pinsky once again attacks America’s morally corrupt media

Two weeks ago, Dr. Drew Pinsky was sounding an alarm. Unlike the media, though, he wasn’t shouting "We're all going to die!" Instead, Pinsky sounded an alarm about the corrupt, uninformed, morally reprehensible American press, which was intentionally creating a panic. A few days ago, Dr. Drew was back, this time on the Washington Examiner’s Examining Politics podcast, with Larry O’Connor hosting. And once again, Dr. Drew was complaining in powerful terms about how terrible the media's coronavirus coverage is and about the profound disservice it's doing to America. While he refuses to speculate about the media’s motives in stoking panic, Dr. Drew wants as many people as possible to know that what the media says is wrong; that the current disease, while definitely serious, is not worse than the H1N1 flu season America survived in 2009-2010; and that common-sense behavior will see America through this flu too. The following audio is...(Read Full Post)
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