Does Amy Klobuchar know something about Joe Biden's plans that we don't?

For more reasons than one, Joe Biden's nickname is 'quid pro Joe.'

So now we have an interesting slip of the tongue coming from Amy Klobuchar, the rising, but suddenly dropping out Democratic candidate for president who offered her endorsement to Biden just ahead of the vote on Super Tuesday.

According to the Daily Caller (in an item spotted by Weaselzippers):

Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar appeared to let a very large cat out of the bag during a stump speech for Vice President Joe Biden.

Klobuchar, who was rallying for Biden in Grand Rapids Saturday, appeared to admit that she would be Biden’s choice for vice president.

“Bit of a Freudian slip…while stumping for @JoeBiden just now in Grand Rapids, MI @amyklobuchar says she ‘couldn’t think of a better way to end my candidacy than join the ticket…’ to big applause. She quickly corrected to say ‘join the terrific campaign of Joe Biden,'” NBC’s Amanda Golden tweeted.

 So bye bye, Pete Buttigieg. No soup for you, Bloomie. Forgettaboutit, Kamala and Stacey. It's Klo. Apparently addled old Joe has decided to put Klobuchar in the second slot on the ticket in a backroom move supposedly to bring in the center. No suspense about the running mate.

Which kind of confirms most of all that the sudden dropouts in the race were probably offered something in return. In the past, these kind of backroom deals meant campaign debt payments, but that wouldn't mean much to a guy like Bloomberg who has offered to finance the Democrats' nominee no matter what. But he probably got offered something, same as Klobuchar, and probably Buttigieg. Nobody knows what.

Weaselzippers thinks Biden is so addled he might have offered the second slot to all of them. In any case, imagine the phone calls to Joe's office over Klobuchar's slip up. They won't be happy.

Klobuchar has since walked back her statement, probably based on the angry phone calls from bitter Democratic vice presidential wannabes, people who have no problem acting as the bottom half of a losing ticket, but we heard her the first time. 

A mean, comb-eating Klobuchar who can't keep staff, combined with an addled, corrupt, and also mean thing sounds like just the ticket combo to beat Trump, right?

Image credit: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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