Dire Warnings, Part II: Democrats invent crises to buck for bigger government, 2014–2020

Democrats have been at "crazy" for a long time, issuing dire warnings of doomsday in order to come up with a rationale for expanding government.  With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, that's been their rationale, since socialism doesn't exactly sell with the broader U.S. public — just ask Bernie Sanders.  There's always a need to goose calls for a bigger government with dire warnings premised on other issues, which is one reason why Democrats keep making them.  From the U.S. pullout of the Paris climate accord to the advent of the coronavirus, Democrats are never wanting for a crisis — and never let a crisis go to waste.  In my previous piece, I outlined some of their earliest dire warnings. Here's what these dire warnings have come to now. 2014: The babies are in danger. The most brilliant, honest president we ever had, Barack Obama, recognized that unaccompanied...(Read Full Post)
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