Democrats rig California's primary, wonder why turnout is so low

It ought to be a matter of shame for California that it's still counting its primary ballots from days ago in stale three-day old news. The latest estimate is that they've got five and a half million so far counted and around three and a half million votes to go. Election day, as CalMatters notes, is a misnomer, California has 'election month.' But nope, they're bottling it and marketing it as "enfranchisement," saying that all the many, many, many ways to vote now in California now are why it's taking so long to count the ballots still sitting around. "California counts its votes in its own good time," LAist, a lefty rag, headlines. The state officially has one month to certify election results — including a mandatory audit that requires hand-counting all of the ballots at 1% of precincts. Nevertheless, you're going to see a lot of national media headlines about California's relative...(Read Full Post)
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