Democrats rig California's primary, wonder why turnout is so low

It ought to be a matter of shame for California that it's still counting its primary ballots from days ago in stale three-day old news. The latest estimate is that they've got five and a half million so far counted and around three and a half million votes to go. Election day, as CalMatters notes, is a misnomer, California has 'election month.'

But nope, they're bottling it and marketing it as "enfranchisement," saying that all the many, many, many ways to vote now in California now are why it's taking so long to count the ballots still sitting around.

"California counts its votes in its own good time," LAist, a lefty rag, headlines.

The state officially has one month to certify election results — including a mandatory audit that requires hand-counting all of the ballots at 1% of precincts. Nevertheless, you're going to see a lot of national media headlines about California's relative "slowness." Brush it off. We have sunshine, beaches, and a highly enfranchised population.

There's just one problem with all that rationalizing about 'enfranchising,' through the promotion of casual voting from low information voters uninterested in either registering or voting::

 Turnout remains low, still below 50%. That's an utterly dismal result in a state that has enacted so many gimmicks that kill civic culture and raise risks of cheating, in the name of enhancing turnout. "Count all the ballots," as the lefties say. Who could be against such a thing? And in California, home to many "dead" congressional districts with less than 10% turnout, based on all the non-voters in them (read: illegals), that's an easy sell. As a result, solid-blue California now has motor-voter automatic registration, same-day registration, early voting, mail-in ballots (whether you ask for them or not), electronic voting, and legalized ballot-harvesting, even by illegals. There's also talk of ending obligations to go to particular polling stations, compulsory voting, and cell phone voting. Those "turnout-enhancers" will undoubtedly come -- and yet turnout will stay as dismal as ever. 

Maybe that's because it really isn't about turnout, it's about rigging the vote count for Democrats:

The political consultants, for one, say as much. Here's what's in Politico:

“We know that ballots counted later always advantage progressives — more Democratic, more younger voters, more minority voters,” [Political Data, Inc. Vice President Paul] Mitchell said.

Democrats believe that if they can just, just, just extend the franchise to voters not interested in voting, calling it enhanced turnout, Democrats will remain entrenched in power for ever.

But they're not getting the turnout they promise.

All that's going on here is rigging -- ballots left lying around, ballot finding their way through the mail service -- and out of the chain of custody - ballots being sent to illegals who were "mistakenly" registered to vote. Illegals being pressured to vote at their doorsteps (we know where you live) by union-thug ballot-harvestors, and other politically motivated operators, and a curious pattern of every vote now, no matter what it starts out as, flipping to the Democrat side by the end of the month-long count, a funny coincidence.

It's rigged. Not for the voters, as is claimed, but for the Democrats who run the voting apparatus, who take their sweet time to ensure they get exactly the result they want, every time. Operations like that involve taking their own sweet time all in order to get the pre-ordained result.

Who wants to participate in an election with a pre-ordained result? It sounds like a communist election, one of those Castro operations that end with 99% of the vote going to the dictatorship every time. The impeachment hearings had low television traffic because everybody know how the story would end. Are voters any different, vowing to stay home rather than see their ballot stolen and their vote used for the incumbent regime to claim democratic legitimacy?

Don't think so. Every last idea promoted by Democrats to "improve" the electoral process - from getting rid of the electoral college, to ranked voting  -- to the already stated motor-registration, same-day-registration, early voting, mail voting and ballot harvesting, has been a disaster. Voters stay away from these vote-cheapening measures like a bad smell. Democrats need to be called out on these scams as naked riggings, not claimed concern for ''turnout.' At this point, low turnout in California is not a bug in the system, it's a feature.

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