Quarantined Italians inspire with their balcony concerts

The coronavirus is only partly about a killer illness that's taking down too many people. It's also about the disruption of life — from the missing toilet paper on store shelves to the painful ending of church Masses and services to the cancelations of weddings and travel to the fears for the economy.  Most of all, it's about the isolation, the forced "social distancing" that's exactly the opposite of our human desire to gather and be together in times of crisis.  It's the right thing to do to protect each other (since none of us knows if he is a carrier), and the aim is right, too — to force the virus to die down for lack of opportunity to spread.  But for human beings, isolation from one another in a crisis is a hard test of endurance. The Italians, who are under a complete national quarantine and suffering the gravest losses probably anywhere now, have recognized this. ...(Read Full Post)
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