Coronavirus presidential briefings: Joe Biden tries to get into the act

That old Walter Mitty thing doesn't stop for Joe Biden. He was there as vice president at the Parkland shooting.  He was shot at in Iraq.  He was a coal miner.  His chopper was shot down by bin Laden himself over Afghanistan.  Always the irrelevant placeholder, dating at least from his Obama years when he had to beg Obama to quit making fun of him, the former vice president and now Democratic frontrunner has decided to conduct pretend presidential briefings on the coronavirus crisis to upstage President Trump. According to Fox News: The all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee — in a conference call with political reporters — also said that as early as Monday he hopes to be holding near-daily briefings regarding the pandemic that's swept across the nation, which could serve as a political counterbalance to the daily briefings the president and government...(Read Full Post)
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