Coronavirus job losses among media trigger world's smallest violin

Usually, when writing about coronavirus layoffs, we feel strong sympathy for those whose lives and livelihoods are being so terribly affected by this Black Swan event.  When those layoffs occur in the media, though, I'm sorry to report that the dominant response isn't sympathy; it's schadenfreude, that unseemly emotion of feeling joy in the face of another person's distress. While there are undoubtedly many decent, honest journalists in America, and many journalists with families depending on them, one can't escape the fact that American journalism is mostly partisan, careless, and vicious.  Moreover, to the extent that journalists are biased, that runs in one direction, with 94% of journalists at the major media outlets donating to Democrats from 2008 to 2016.  Over the decades, journalists have morphed from reporters, who provide reasonably objective factual information, to propagandists, who try to...(Read Full Post)
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