Coronavirus economic bloodletting will hit the young hardest

When the state suddenly establishes a totalitarian grip on the economic activity of our fellow citizens, the rationale given should be critically examined with a great deal of skepticism. Liberty forged by the blood, pain, sacred honor, and very lives of our forefathers should not be allowed to slip away during a sudden wave of hysteria. Be wary of those who exploit an emergency and tell us that “this time is different.” We should not submit so easily. Liberty has survived the scourge of epidemics far worse than today’s. Those of a century ago occurred without antiviral and antibiotic medicine, and when medical technology was comparatively primitive. We did not surrender our liberty then. How bad is today’s alleged plague? The fatality rate could be as high as Italy’s 7.9% but a 1% to 3% range is more commonly given. Keep in mind that the lack of testing undercounts the mild and asymptomatic cases. Germany has a fatality rate of 0.3%, according to the...(Read Full Post)
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