CNN's Don Lemon beclowns himself again, launching into John Kasich for praising Trump

John Kasich, a former Republican who's slid so far left he's probably a Democrat, is no fan of Donald Trump. But when he tried to say something on CNN, noting almost as an aside that Trump's speech on the coronavirus was "fine," CNN's most clownish talking head, Don Lemon, went into a meltdown. Here's how bad it was: .@CNN's Don Lemon loses his mind, shouts down Gov. John Kasich for NOT bashing Trump's coronavirus address. "No, you can’t [talk], John!" — Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) March 12, 2020 Fox News has the story here. "Look, I watched the address tonight and I thought it was fine. He did fine," Kasich said. "I'm glad he did the address tonight and I think that was important." Kasich urged the president to "stick to the script" and said governors will have a major role in combatting the virus. However, none of...(Read Full Post)
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