'Chinese virus': Trump takes a swing at China's bots over 'racism' canard -- and the left melts down

Naming a disease after its place of origin is as old as the hills. Spanish flu. Asian flu. Ebola virus. Zika virus. German measles. West Nile virus. Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Don't even get into how many nationalities have been named by other nationalities to describe syphilis.

But somehow, China should be exempt, despite their failure to contain the virus, at least according to the Chicoms, who have much to be red-faced about and it's not just communism. They're attempting to shut thewhole term down as 'racist.'

Which brought them this tweet from President Trump:

The press lapped it up as a controversy to broadcast:

President Donald Trump drew backlash Monday night after posting a tweet using the phrase "Chinese Virus."

After giving an address Monday afternoon in which he said the country may be headed toward recession and urged social distancing, he later tweeted his confidence in and support for various sectors while including the offensive remark.

"The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before!" he wrote.

The Chicoms certainly are putting out stuff like this.

And circumstantially, Twitterers who use the term say they are being greeted by an army of Chinese bots:



There's some kind of information war going on. The Chicoms don't like the term 'Chinese virus' because it calls attention to their own incompetence and failures in the spread of the pandemic.

Instead of taking measures such as the U.S. is doing to lock the region down, something they did with brutality and way too late, they first locked down doctors who were sounding the alarm. They also let five million people exit the central Wuhan city without screening, spreading the virus around the country and beyond. They destroyed evidence of its origins in a wet market, making it difficult for researchers to track how it spread. They had a government infectious diseases lab set up right next to the market, leading to some reports of an infected worker getting out and about in the wet market and infecting everyone. There also was the consumption of vermin and exotic animals in that wet market that other researchers have pinned as unsafe. Either way, China's satraps made a lot of decisions that made Chinese virus happen.

And for the Chicoms of all people to complain about 'racism' -- knowing that that will hit all the right buttons with the left and draw it to rally it to its side -- is particularly ridiculous. China is the most racist country out there, putting millions of Central Asian Uighurs in prison-like conditions ... on racial grounds alone.

Trump had to have known something was going on with the trolls and the propaganda networks, and decided to counter it in a way they never expect it to be countered -- by flinging it in their faces. His tweet about the 'Chinese virus' serves to make such a designation famous and  known, repeated everywhere, something the Chicoms are desperate to avoid. Something tells us this tweet was quite intentionally done.

Yet rest assured, the left comes running out of the woodwork, joining with the Chicoms in the call to political correctness. Leftists such as fussy-librarian-doppleganger, Elizabeth Warren, couldn't help themselves.

Notice that she confuses 'Chinese' with 'Chinese-Americans,' (many of whom have fled that hellhole for good reason) which is a kind of racism in itself

She's acting exactly as the Chicoms want her to act, though. They know how the left acts, that's why they've got their bots out yelling 'racism,' expecting whitey to slink away in shame. Trump though, seems to immune to this game and much to their surprise, Trump knows how to deal with them - by throwing it right in their faces.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot

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