Biden preaches 'decency' and 'dignity' hours after insulting and threatening a voter

If there's one lesson Joe Biden seems to have gleaned in his five or six decades in public office, it's that it's fine to say black is white, green is orange, red is purple... So here's the surreal "product" that comes of it, according to CNS News: Hours after an angry Joe Biden "shushed" one of his female minders and told a union worker in Michigan "you're full of s---," Biden preached a message of unity and "dignity" in Philadelphia Tuesday night. "Tonight we are a step closer to restoring decency, dignity and honor to the White House," Biden said, as he headed for a major victory in Tuesday's primaries. That comes after the last public interaction he had with a voter, poking a finger in to the man's face and hurling a string of insults, with gems of civility like "don't be such a horse's ass," "you're full of s---," alongside a vow...(Read Full Post)
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