Biden preaches 'decency' and 'dignity' hours after insulting and threatening a voter

If there's one lesson Joe Biden seems to have gleaned in his five or six decades in public office, it's that it's fine to say black is white, green is orange, red is purple...

So here's the surreal "product" that comes of it, according to CNS News:

Hours after an angry Joe Biden "shushed" one of his female minders and told a union worker in Michigan "you're full of s---," Biden preached a message of unity and "dignity" in Philadelphia Tuesday night.

"Tonight we are a step closer to restoring decency, dignity and honor to the White House," Biden said, as he headed for a major victory in Tuesday's primaries.

That comes after the last public interaction he had with a voter, poking a finger in to the man's face and hurling a string of insults, with gems of civility like "don't be such a horse's ass," "you're full of s---," alongside a vow to take the voter "outside," presumably to beat him up.  The video is here.

Biden's statesmanlike display to the voter came in response to the man asking Biden, standard-bearer of the Democratic Party, about his bid to expropriate law-abiding citizens' guns (which Biden misidentified as AR-14s).  Instead of soothe the man, which would have been easy, telling him his fears were overblown, Biden responded with a slew of personal insults showing a freakish sort of rage against the very people he expects to vote for him.

It's not exactly a show of civility, let alone "decency," "dignity," or "honor," as he's touting now.

And cripes, this isn't the first time, either.

Last December, he similarly flew off the handle when an old Iowa farmer asked about his "selling access" over the House Biden Ukrainian corruption and the problems of his age.  Instead of answer with civility, Biden challenged the man to a push-up contest and hurled personal insults, basically calling the man fat three times:

Instead of telling the farmer he's got it wrong, he growls with ad hominem attacks — "You're a damn liar" — and then attacks the man three times for being fat, failing to answer his question. 

It followed with an insult to a second Iowa voter in January:

The video is non-shareable, but it's a doozy — click here to see it.

Biden not only told the man — a Tom Steyer–supporter, as it were — to go vote for someone else on some pipeline disagreement — but poked the guy, palmed the man's chest, and put both mitts to grip the man's jacket openings, something the man remarked would have drawn security if he himself had done that to Biden.  In short, Biden got handsy even with a guy he had a problem with, in a bizarre gesture of aggression.

"I did not expect to be told to leave, to go vote for somebody else, then to be lectured about," Fallon said.

Then  he lost it with a female student, calling her a "lying, dog-faced pony soldier," only half in jest, a strange way to engage a voter, and whatever it was, it didn't look like "dignity" or "decency."  It looked like a guy who was "off."

Prior to that, he flew off the handle with other members of the public, telling skeptical voters not to vote for him:

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to dismiss voters concerned about his age, saying he didn't want their votes in the 2020 Democratic primary race, clearly unable to offer reassurances about his mental faculties.

"I say if they're concerned, don't vote for me," Biden said while speaking to reporters in Keene, New Hampshire.

A year earlier, he was calling Trump voters, "some of them, the dregs of society."

These meltdowns with voters — and there have been many — should be distinguished from his gaffes, which often are not intended to insult.

These are something else — cold, mean statements from a politically corrupted nasty old man who hates people.

As I noted in February, when he looked all washed up (I was wrong about that part):

Second reason he failed had to have been in his string of insults to voters. With the press covering for him, voters took matters into their own hands and asked Biden all about his corrupt deals. Instead of answering them with platitudes, Biden attacked them. He challenged an old fat Iowa farmer to a push-up match, engaging in fat-shaming and other insulting statements. He told another voter to "go vote for someone else." It raised questions: Did Biden want to be there? He seemed to wither like a hothouse protected flower when exposed to actual voters and it was clear he hated them. He lacked the press as a foil for his fight (as Trump did not), so ended up attacking the little guys. Big turnoff. Not a guy you'd want to have a beer with, according to the political-viability estimator. Nobody wants to vote for a mean old man who hates people.

Now that he's back, the fact that he made such a shameless statement about "decency," "dignity," and "honor," which are so at odds with his own repellant behavior with little-guy voters, means he comes off as living on another planet.  For months, he's demonstrated that he's unable to take political heat, nor respond to challenges in ways that look presidential.  The fact that he's bringing up promises that are exactly the opposite of his own behavior pretty well serves to remind us of how temperamentally unfit he is for public office, any public office.

He's a textbook case of 'what not to do' on matters of decency, honor, and dignity.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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