Bernie and Biden are reduced to arguing over who can stay upright for a debate

The Democrat Party has finally coalesced around Joe Biden, a plagiarizing, hair-sniffing, girl-groping, sort-of-coherent death's head who is showing signs of cognitive decline.  His opponent at the next Democrat debate is a communist-loving, America-hating, self-loathing anti-Semitic Jew with anger management issues and a bad heart.  Both of these geriatric candidates are trying to appear youthful while labeling their opponent decrepit.  No wonder the Democrats kicked the vibrant Tulsi Gabbard off the debate stage. The latest arena for this battle is the March 15 debate in Arizona.  Bernie's campaign claims that while Bernie wants to stand tall on the debate stage, Biden is desperate to take a seat: Bernie Sanders wants to stand up at the next debate — and his campaign is accusing Joe Biden of wanting to sit down. After a private call Friday with CNN, which is moderating the March 15 debate with the Democratic...(Read Full Post)
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