Bernie and Biden are reduced to arguing over who can stay upright for a debate

The Democrat Party has finally coalesced around Joe Biden, a plagiarizing, hair-sniffing, girl-groping, sort-of-coherent death's head who is showing signs of cognitive decline.  His opponent at the next Democrat debate is a communist-loving, America-hating, self-loathing anti-Semitic Jew with anger management issues and a bad heart.  Both of these geriatric candidates are trying to appear youthful while labeling their opponent decrepit.  No wonder the Democrats kicked the vibrant Tulsi Gabbard off the debate stage.

The latest arena for this battle is the March 15 debate in Arizona.  Bernie's campaign claims that while Bernie wants to stand tall on the debate stage, Biden is desperate to take a seat:

Bernie Sanders wants to stand up at the next debate — and his campaign is accusing Joe Biden of wanting to sit down.

After a private call Friday with CNN, which is moderating the March 15 debate with the Democratic National Committee, Sanders' team balked at a new proposed format for debate, saying it gives his opponent Biden too much of a break in their first one-on-one face-off. Biden's camp denied that it was pressing for a sit-down debate.

The format for the next debate in Arizona — their first since Biden's blowout Super Tuesday victories — would have the candidates seated for the first time this election cycle and take multiple questions from the audience. In the prior 10 debates, the candidates stood at lecterns and nearly all questions were asked by the professional moderators.

"Why does Joe Biden not want to stand toe-to-toe with Sen. Sanders on the debate stage March 15 and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future?" asked Jeff Weaver, Sanders' senior adviser.

Sleepy Joe's campaign vigorously denies that he wants to sit down:

Biden's campaign and the DNC said the format for the debate was decided by the party and CNN. The news network declined to comment and referred questions to the DNC.

"We will participate in whatever debate CNN choses [sic] to stage: standing, sitting, at podiums, or in a town hall," Biden's deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said. "The problem for the Sanders campaign is not the staging of the debate, but rather, the weakness of Sen. Sanders' record and ideas."

This squabble would be amusing except that these men are the last Democrats (barely) standing in a competition to be the leader, not just of America, but of the free world.  The media's relentless animus toward Donald Trump makes it difficult for even well-intentioned "undecided" voters to view his presidency objectively.  Therefore, there's a real possibility that even voters who don't want to vote for Bernie or Biden may feel compelled to vote against Trump.

Neither Bernie nor Biden, however, is qualified to be an American president.  As a reminder, while Trump's style is unique — the humor, the bombast, the feistiness — he's governed traditionally.  He's stayed within the confines of existing federal law, obeyed court orders, boosted America's market-based economy, worked to shore up America's military and economic defenses, strengthened old alliances and made new ones, and generally engaged in policies consistent with American governance at all times other than the Obama years.

The same cannot be said for either Biden or Bernie.

Bernie wants to undo the American political system.  He has spent his entire life yearning to be part of a Soviet-style or Cuban-style communist political system.  He dreams of nationalizing large parts of the American economy; wants to destroy what's left of the economy in the name of climate change; and promises to disarm Americans, open America's borders, fund unlimited abortion, and pack the Supreme Court.

Biden was a willing party to Obama's aberrant eight years, during which America started down the path of the same socialist policies for which Bernie yearns.  Although Biden purports to be more moderate, he's just proposing a slower version of Bernie's goals — namely, nationalizing large parts of the American economy, destroying what's left of the economy chasing the irrational faith that is climate change, and promising to disarm Americans, open America's borders, fund unlimited abortion, and pack the Supreme Court.

Both men have been in politics for 50 years and insist that now is finally their chance to change the system that they had a hand in creating and sustaining.

Both men have worrisome health issues.  Bernie had a heart attack in 2019 and is refusing to release his medical records.  Biden had brain aneurysms in the 1980s, and, while he seemed to have recovered completely, his verbal confusion on the campaign trail is concerning.

And now these two doddering leftists are in a battle to avoid standing up.  Neither man is ideologically or physically fit to lead America.

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