Banking on Dad's win? Hunter Biden tries to delay release of records till after election day in Arkansas baby daddy case

Seems Joe Biden's Super Tuesday II scarf-up has not only excited former Obama administration officials, hoping for a Bourbon restoration, but emboldened a very unscrupulous person out there: Biden's corruption-tainted son, "artist" Hunter Biden.

Here's what RedState had to say about it:

Hunter Biden and his attorneys really do have a lot of nerve.

They have been stringing an Arkansas court along for months now, not providing information in the child support case against Biden by Lunden Roberts.

Biden was scheduled to be giving a deposition on March 11.

But now, not only is he arguing that he cannot appear, he's asking for the court to put off his appearance for at least another nine months, until after the election.

Biden is arguing he cannot show up because of the Wuhan virus, his pregnant wife's "imminent due date" and "intense media scrutiny" which poses a "personal endangerment" to him.

What's going on here is thathe's waiting for the old man to get elected in order to escape the judge altogether.  That's how it's always worked with House Biden: they use Joe's public office as a platform for making money of their own, and then, in a double-whammy, use it again to escape scrutiny.

Biden Junior has put the judge off time and time again, failing to submit his financial records, for this, that, and the other excuse, as well as refusing to show up to his hearings.  He's gotten by with a temporary order to pay some kind of support, but with delay tactics like these — explicitly after the election — he seems to be betting on an old man win to get out of his child support obligations altogether, knowing how "mean" his dad can get on lawmen who cross him by trying to put a stop to Hunter.

Just as that poor Prosecutor General Victor Shokin fellow over in Ukraine.

Now Hunter's hoping the judge will buy that load of hooey about the coronavirus — Arkansas has exactly no cases; Biden Junior would actually be safer in Arkansas than he is now in the Hollywood Hills and should have no problem taking a private jet to Little Rock to avoid airport exposure — and accept yet another excuse intended to delay and eventually halt the release of his financial records in order to determine what he really owes for the support of the baby he made in Arkansas.

He wouldn't have an interest in that win, would he?

Yes, it's unlikely his crazy old Corn Pop dad will win, but that's his best shot.  It signals that he's still living by the political protection racket that made him rich in the first place and imagining that the judge can be rolled.  As the Biden campaign says, "return to normal."  This is what they mean by "normal."

Image credit: Ben Stanfield via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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