Atlantic Monthly tries to clean up its reputation as China's water boy

The Atlantic Monthly has taken a beating for its China apologetics.  In the wake of the coronavirus — or, now, China virus — crisis, circumstantial evidence suggests it's trying to find as many creative reasons as possible to justify Chinese propaganda. The Federalist did a ferocious takedown of The Atlantic's press apologetics and featured multiple examples from several of its most vaunted writers. Instead of investigating or writing about China's propaganda machine working in real time as we watch the virus rapidly spread across the globe, journalists at The Atlantic are more interested in writing their own pro-China, anti-American virus hot takes. Here are the receipts. Disputing the name "Wuhan virus" is China's first big hurdle in distancing themselves from the virus. They would much prefer "coronavirus" or the scientific name "COVID-19," despite the fact that scientists and doctors have...(Read Full Post)
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