Another primary and another spectacular victory for Donald Trump

Normally, when an incumbent who is popular with his party is running unopposed in a primary — or when the opponents are fairly marginal figures most voters have forgotten actually exist — there's very low turnout for the incumbent.  That was not the case with Donald Trump last week, on Super Tuesday.  He had a blowout primary, with people turning out in unexpected droves to vote for him. Trump voters knew that their vote wouldn't matter in terms of Trump gaining the delegates for their state.  They turned out to make a point: Trump's voters are wildly enthusiastic.  They don't just talk the talk on social media; they walk the walk at polling stations, even when the results are a foregone conclusion. The same pattern repeated itself on March 10's mini–Super Tuesday. Because of the publishing schedule, as this goes to publication, not all of the votes have been counted in the various...(Read Full Post)
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