After first lying about her corrupt bill, Pelosi has finally agreed to abandon it

On Sunday, the news was that Democrats in the Senate, having worked to draft a bipartisan bill to help Americans through the coronavirus crisis, received orders from Rep. Nancy Pelosi to reject it.  On Monday, the Democrats doubled down on that rejection. Also on Monday, Nancy proposed a 1,100-page bill that did provide some help for America's workers, small businesses, and corporations.  Most of the bill, though, was given over to Democrat wish-list items.  If the coronavirus had hit America with a Democrat in the White House and a Democrat majority in Congress, by Monday's end, a new law would have raised the federal minimum wage to $15, subsidized student loan debt, provided more funds for PBS, funded the IRS and the Postal Service, mandated race and gender diversity for corporate boards, implemented same-day voter registration, and required airplanes to be carbon neutral in five years, as well as a host of other...(Read Full Post)
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