After abusing a voter, Joe Biden gets himself a Second Amendment ad...

Joe Biden shouldn't be anywhere near the public.  He can't take challenges without flying off the handle, he lies profusely, and he has a way of revealing striking muddleheadedness combined with ignorance.  It's a problem of temperament.

We see it again and again, most recently in his abuse of a U.S. union autoworker, who like a lot of guys I know in Michigan — farmers and autoworkers — has his rifles and values the Second Amendment.  He asked Biden a reasonable question, and the Biden response was lies, personal attacks, ignorance, and filthy language.

It was an opposition ad that wrote itself.  Now Biden's got himself that ad:

...and it's not pretty.

Seems the National Rifle Association contacted the reasonably questioning young autoworker, asked him to do an ad, then executed it as a reminder to voters about what they're up against, vindicating beautifully the worker's statements that Biden brazenly lied about and denied — such as those about taking away "assault weapons" — as well as exposed his ignorance about the popular AR-15 hunting rifle, revealing Biden to be a complete boob, not even knowing what he's talking about.

It was appropriate payback, given what Biden tried to get away with.  He's marketed as a nice guy in some quarters but is an exceptionally nasty, ill tempered old man who can't be trusted to hold his cool in public.  He always turns mean around the little guys, making it obvious he holds them in special contempt.

He's an extremist.  He's ignorant even as he seeks tremendous power.  He's gotten away with this for so long that he no longer thinks it's a political problem.  That makes him perfect material for a National Rifle Association ad, something he will undoubtedly dismiss as irrelevant, even as the ad shows 31,000 "likes" on Twitter, with the like count going up fast.

Biden needs to pay for this kind of abusive behavior to voters.  One hopes this trend will continue.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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