About time: Trump says he may pardon Michael Flynn after FBI 'lost' his records

In some welcome news sure to infuriate the left, President Trump tweeted that he might just pardon former national security adviser Michael Flynn after the FBI "lost" his records.

This can't come soon enough.  Who wouldn't be outraged at public servants, with tremendous power over citizens' freedom, being free to lose records as they please and still expect court systems to uphold their charges and recommendations?  Incompetence fine for me, charges stick like glue to you? 

It's an absolute outrage that the FBI in this electronic age can "lose" a record at all.  These people ought not to be able to file anything at all until all their notes are archived, documented, and backed up.  That's just basic.  They're required to follow the law, same as all the people they charge, and if they can't keep a record, it's time to punish them and throw each and every one of their claims in the trash.  Keeping a record is basic; it dates back to the bureaucrats of the Egyptian papyrus era.

And here's the real thing: nobody loses records like this anyway.  What we are seeing is a cover-up.  Got some records that make you look bad?  Quick, lose them.  How convenient to hide dishonesty.

Much of the press seems to think the president is making this stuff up, with multiple claims that reporeters have no idea what the president is referring to.

Press accounts, all of them sour, including even Fox News, all seemed to view this as Flynn getting away with something, and his original plea of "lying" to the FBI was the only possible true story.  We don't see this with criminal justice cases that attract the Soros crowd, and surely there's no such thing as plea bargain coercion to avoid long jail sentences, particularly with six-figure legal bills, is there? 

Fox News lists several doozies:

Trump's claim that the FBI said the "lost" records related to Flynn echoes a motion filed on Flynn's behalf in January that highlighted information that has come to light since Flynn's guilty plea — including that no precise record of Flynn's statements to agents exists and that the original handwritten FD-302 witness report from the interview is "missing," with subsequent versions later "edited" in some undisclosed manner by anti-Trump FBI officials.

Flynn's case stemmed from a 2017 FBI interview, in which he was asked about his conversations with former Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. Flynn ultimately admitted to making false statements regarding those conversations during his interview, as part of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, but has since changed course.

But even Fox has some of the sour take on this that the rest of the drive-bys have.  Memo to Fox: Why is this a "claim"?  The string of missing items looks like a helluva convenient group of documents to lose, just as the Freedom of Information requests roll in.  If the FBI tried to do this to the press on a FOIA query, instead of a defense lawyer for a guy whose life was being ruined, the press would be singing a different tune.  Corrupt prosecutors and sleazy bureaucrats "lose" damning information all the time to cover their keisters.  All you have to do is ask Lois Lerner.

Trump sees what's really going on and sounds as though he's ready to take action.  Unless he has reasons to continue gathering information, he ought to get on it and get it over with.  Prosecutorial misconduct like this merits jail time...for the accusers, and, at a minimum, a complete exoneration for Flynn.

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