Abortion zealot health director shuts down primaries in Ohio

Ohio governor Mike DeWine allowed his executive director of the Department of Health (DOH), Dr. Amy Acton, to cancel Ohio's primary elections.  DeWine is the one who put her in charge. 

Years from now, the word "chaos" won't be emphatic enough to describe the fiasco of primary election day, March 17, 2020, in Ohio.  The day before the election, it was on, then it was off, then it was on, and at 3:30 A.M. on Election Day, four judges of the Ohio Supreme Court, via phone, called voting off again.

But first a word about our health director, whom the pro-life DeWine hired without a background investigation, which would have revealed who and what she was.  Acton and her family worked as Obama-supporters who raised funds for Planned Parenthood, which is code for abortion facilities.

Before she was ever hired by DeWine, Acton pulled a legal maneuver in Ohio to get an abortion facility renamed, doing an end-run around the legal system to cover for a notorious late-term abortionist, Martin Haskell. 

Acton issued a license to "Women's Med Dayton," an offshoot of "Women's Med Center of Dayton," owned by Haskell.  What Acton did was nothing more than paper-shuffling to preserve the business after Haskell's four-year court fight, when he was unable to meet state licensing requirements.

In a 12/10/19 article by Cheryl Sullenger appeared the following comments by Kansas-based pro-life Operation Rescue president Troy Newman:  "The entire move to license the Women's Med Center was underhanded and deceptive.  It is obvious that there was coordination between Acton and Haskell to pull a fast one on the people of Ohio and the Attorney General's office, which spent untold time and resources over four years to successfully enforce the original licensing denial order."

Removing her from that underhanded business, she still comes across as a treacherous tool.  On March 12, 2020, she announced that 100,000 Ohioans were infected with the coronovirus.  On that date, there were five confirmed cases in Ohio and a total of 127,000 in the entire world.

The next day, she walked that back and said she was just "guesstimating" the number based on the population of Ohio.  The actual number had soared to thirteen cases.  The DOH doubled down.  It called Acton "smart, calm, cool and collected" and "a voice of reason."  They could hardly call her the fool she had proven herself to be.  Her "guesstimating," as anyone can imagine, caused fear across the state.

DeWine, also not wanting to look like the fool who hired her, said: "The coronavirus is already all over the state of Ohio."  All thirteen cases.

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, with six hours' notice, DeWine announced that all restaurants and bars in Ohio would be shut down at 9:00 P.M. indefinitely.  One wonders what happened to the tons of corned beef and cabbage that had been ordered for the St. Patrick's Day parade that was canceled for the first time in 178 years.

On Monday, March 16, at 3:30 P.M., DeWine replaced Judge Judy on TV to announce they had filed a lawsuit to cancel voting the next day.  Every politician he could dig up, including the already disgraced Dr. Acton, explained why it was necessary to cancel voting scheduled for the next day.  DeWine said they would abide by a judge's ruling.

The common pleas judge, Richard Frye, at 7:30 P.M. said he was not in the position to make such a ruling.  And he expressed concern about the security measures of the votes already cast.  He added there was no guarantee that the suggested new voting date of June 2 would be any safer for people to congregate and vote.

So voting was on again.  But then poll workers were called and said not to show up.  Then they were called and told to be there.  Then they were told again not to show up.

The whole debacle was like a poorly written SNL skit.

Like any typical politician looking for someone to point the finger at, DeWine picked Dr. Acton and her decision that it is a health risk for Ohioans to go out and vote. 

Apparently, she managed to stop the entire state of Ohio from voting on Election Day, which supersedes her ability to license the murder of babies.

Susan Daniels has been an Ohio-licensed private investigator for twenty-seven years.  She uncovered Barack Obama's phony social security number in 2009.

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