A warning: Socialist Bernie Sanders vows to govern through executive actions

As if Bernie Sanders's extremist positions alone weren't enough to give one pause, a look at how he intends to enact them is even more disturbing. According to the Washington Examiner: LOS ANGELES, California — Addressing a crowd of thousands, Sen. Bernie Sanders gave a glimpse of what his first days as president would look like. The Vermont senator pledged executive orders effectively legalizing marijuana in all fifty states as well as expunging the records of many of those who have been arrested for possession of the substance. "We are going to end the destructive war on drugs. It turns out that you can legalize marijuana in every state in this country by executive order," he said. "We will move forward to expunge the records of those arrested for possession of marijuana." He also said his administration would ensure that 1.8 million illegal immigrants would be protected from deportations. "We will end ICE...(Read Full Post)
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