A simple question nobody wants to answer: What percentage of coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths are accounted for by the homeless?

Almost everyone acknowledges that the homeless population is at great risk of coronavirus, but so far as I have been able to determine, nobody is telling us the percentage of the hospitalized cases and the deaths are accounted for by that same population — nationally or in specific locales.  California's Governor Gavin Newsom authorized funding for housing homeless in trailers and hotel rooms, but so far, few of them have taken advantage of the offer.

I know we are supposed to have nothing but compassion for the homeless, and my heart breaks for those of them who are not drug-addicted and irresponsible.  But the evidence of my eyes is that many I have encountered in the Bay Area are drug addicts who prefer to shun all responsibilities.

Homeless people on L.A.'s skid row congregate.

This video via Alexandra Datig on Twitter and Grabien shows that homeless people in Los Angeles are not exactly complying with the basic advice to avoid gatherings.

We need to know if people in suburban and rural locations really are at serious risk, or if the restrictions and resources ought to be concentrated on the populations that are spreading the virus the most.  Millions of people who may be at little risk in California, New York, and other jurisdictions are being confined at home.  In my suburban California neighborhood, there are many dog-walkers about, and none of them gets close to anyone else.  It isn't that hard to maintain social distance, and I think most people able to pull off a middle-class lifestyle are able to maintain social distance and wash their hands after touching anything that might have been touched by others.

I am worried that responsible people, in other words, are being over-restricted, while those most likely to spread the virus are still on the streets ignoring commonsense practices.

Graphic credit: Grabien screen grab (cropped).

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