A short interlude to discuss things that are going right about coronavirus in America

When news gets depressing, there's a real temptation to hide under a blanket and not come out.  This desire is especially true when, as here, half the country is less interested in solving the problem and more interested in trying to destroy a presidency.  No matter what Trump says or does, he's raked over the coals, and Americans are told he's an inefficient bungler. Even as it reports on government failures, the Democrat establishment seems blind to the fact that bureaucracy is inherently inefficient.  This intellectual blindness means that the Democrats are using panic to insist that all aspects of American life, including American medical care, should be subsumed into this painfully inefficient bureaucracy. Yet good things are happening, and they're driven not by government, but by ordinary people making smart decisions.  Except for decisions about toilet paper.  Those are all silly decisions. At the...(Read Full Post)
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