A Biden candidacy — what's the plan? There is always a plan

Why, when Joe Biden's mental decline is so obvious, are so many former Obamaphiles pledging their spurious support for the man?  Something's up. It is beyond clear that Biden is not up to the job. This fact cannot escape the notice of Susan Rice, James Comey, John Brennan, et al., all those conspirators who tried so treasonously hard to destroy Donald Trump.  They surely know better than most that Biden is a dead man walking.  So why the all-out campaign to support his candidacy?  Hmmm. They must have a plan.  Is their plan to submarine Joe before the convention, admit he is incapacitated, and put up a heretofore untested candidate at a brokered convention?  Or do they have a plan to appoint a V.P. candidate they assume will become president in short order?  Perhaps, as Joel Gilbert speculated here yesterday, the plan is to install Hillary as the candidate to run against President Trump in a...(Read Full Post)
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