'You absolute monster': Lefties descend into primal scream against DNC chief Tom Perez after Iowa fiasco

The Iowa caucuses have more than one loser, and maybe the biggest one is the Democratic Party.  The high-trending Twitter tag right now is #TomPerezResign. 

According to Newsweek:

As the Iowa caucuses descended into chaos on Monday due to inconsistencies in reporting results, Perez faced scrutiny over the DNC's announcement that it would no longer require 2020 Democratic presidential candidates to meet any donor requirements in order to participate in debates.

Here's how the delay in the caucus tally count, now being blamed on a supposedly incompetently coded reporting app, is going down, and this is just a tiny sample (LANGUAGE WARNING):

That's a primal scream, and from a critical part of the Democratic Party base, its young people, based on surveying Twitter handles.  Some are tweeting about "Dexit" or going third party.

The Democratic establishment's bid to blame the whole problem on an incompetent app is hard to believe, given the presence of competent coders on the left.  How'd they get a bad one, given how many there are on the left side who do that well?

The blame is all over the place — on Hillary Clinton's operatives (among them, the notoriously unethical Robbie Mook) who created the app; on Pete Buttigieg, who supposedly helped finance the app, and by coincidence did well based on first tallies; and on Michael Bloomberg, who Democrats say has bought his way into the shambling party.  But most of the rage seems concentrated on Tom Perez, who, at a minimum, didn't exert much oversight on the Iowa operation. 

The raging tweets just keep coming and coming.  It's like a fire hose out there.

What this shows is a Democratic Party in meltdown.  The Sanders-loving base is absolutely livid.  Sanders-supporters comprise a populist movement (of a leftist, Hugo Chávez stripe), so they fully expect much more than they've gotten in the past, their expectations are high, and they're the one part of the Democratic Party base that is truly energized.  They are doubly so because they know they were cheated by the Democrats in the last election and are hypersensitive to the matter happening again — and sure enough, it has.

How are they going to win those people back, especially with the giant Trump juggernaut looming on the horizon?  This is just their first primary race, and already they've blown it and created a crisis of confidence for themselves.

This tweet, from someone who doesn't seem to be a Bernie-ite, certainly speaks to the broader picture of their incompetence:

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