Watch as Victor Davis Hanson destroys Bloomberg for his ignorant remarks denigrating the skills and intelligence of farmers

Victor Davis Hanson is the perfect person to refute the arrogance of former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who denigrated the "gray matter" needed by farmers in now infamous remarks to a group of elitists at Aspen.  Hanson is not only a brilliant historian of ancient Greece and a political commentator with few if any peers, but also a fifth-generation farmer.

He understands the skills and brainpower needed to be an academic or other elite member of the analytical class, and he understands the skill sets and brainpower needed to be a successful farmer today.  In his mind, there is no contest.

This is absolutely must-see TV.  I almost stood up and cheered when I saw it.

When done with Hanson's remarks, stay tuned for Mark Steyn, who follows immediately, also slamming Boomberg's arrogance.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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