Turns out Hunter Biden was pretty useful for Burisma after all

So much for that well worn chestnut that Hunter Biden "did nothing wrong," heard so very frequently during President Trump's impeachment hearings.  For an $83,000-a-month retainer from Burisma, the corrupt Ukrainian gas company (Betsy McCaughey says he ended up with a $1-million payday), young Hunter proved to be  able and willing to make himself useful. Look at this sequence of events that came about as a result of Hunter sitting on the Burisma board.  According to National Review: A consultant for Burisma with links to Hunter Biden approached a top State Department official in June 2016 to discuss "troubling events" in Ukraine, according to newly released State Department emails. Consultant Sally Painter of Blue Star Strategies was at the time working with Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company, to quash corruption investigations into the firm. Painter approached then-deputy secretary of state Tony Blinken...(Read Full Post)
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