Trump's triumphal visit to India has all the right people worried

It's unfortunate that live coverage of President Trump receiving what the AP calls "adulation from a massive, colorful crowd" of 125,000 took place during the wee hours of the morning for most Americans.  But the consequences of his roughly 36 hours in India will be long-lasting and important.  He is about to retire for the night in New Delhi after the enormous rally in Ahmedabad, the economically advanced capital of the state Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi's home turf, and a quick visit to the Taj Mahal. However personally gratifying it may have been to equal the overseas crowds Barack Obama was able to draw in Berlin, giving the lie to media claims that Trump is hated overseas, this visit has some serious goals that are being accomplished.  First of all, there is a trade agreement that lowers India's high tariffs on American exports, a relic of the days of import-substitution manufacturing by an impoverished...(Read Full Post)
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